Liebster Award


Hello dear people !

A while ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award  by the lovely TheWanderingCore it was really a super nice surprise, since I have only been blogging on and off for this past year I never thought I would get nominated ! So thanks a lot ! 🙂

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Discover Honfleur | France


For the first week end of July my friends and I went to Honfleur, in the North of France in Normandy. You probably never heard of it because neither have I before it was brought up to me to be honest. The initial plan was to go do Deauville -which I’d say is more famous at least if you’re French or familiar with our locations- BUT Deauville was more expensive. So as broke students we opted for the cheaper yet still nice option.

And honestly Honfleur was much more pleasant than  I expected it to be, so let me walk you through my 48 hours in Honfleur !

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48h in London | Photos Diary

48H IN LONDON (1).png

First post of June !
Hello !

Last Wednesday and Thursday I was in  London with my brothers as a gift for both their upcoming birthdays. As it was their first time in London we mostly did some basics touristy spot according to what they wanted.

I am sure a lot of you can relate on how hard it is to  select pictures. But, here are a few pictures I tried to pick some photos I thought would potray my time in London the best, between all what I shot.
I hope you enjoy !

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